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Natural Plastering Company in Costa Blanca, Spain.


Clay is far and away the most versatile and ecological of plaster materials. Infinitely re-workable, the range of textures, colors and effects possible with clay finishes is almost endless.

Clay finishes have a carbon footprint of zero and are easily returned to nature when the building’s lifetime has ended or when it’s time to update. In terms of healthy home properties, clay is highly mold resistant, and an amazing regulator of indoor air humidity, absorbing excess humidity from the air and releasing that humidity back into the space when indoor air has become too dry. While this action may not change the temperature of the space, it greatly influences the felt temperature of the space - cold, wet air feels colder. Hot wet air feels stifling. Regulating humidity in the air with clay makes your space more comfortable for your body.

Clay also releases negative ions into the air, boosting seratonin levels and offsetting the positive ions put off by household electronics and computers. In short, having clay inside your home makes you happier (and that's scientifically proven!)

Based in Javea, Spain, Mano de Barro serves the entire Marina Alta, Costa Blanca region of Spain (and beyond!). While I do work with trusted fabricators of clay plasters, I also can create plasters from the earth surrounding your building - dig a hole on your property and use that earth to create beautiful wall finishes - Bring the Earth Inside.

Natural Plastering Company in Costa Blanca, Spain.
Natural Plastering Company in Costa Blanca, Spain.
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